Wolves, But More Dire

Adventure 9

The group decided it was best to kill off the kobold army that was following them. They hadn’t made much progress in the mine, and ignored specific orders given to them by Lokist so the group tricked them into killing each other in an arena format, and then Dimplefoot killed the remaining at the end with a trap he had made when building the arena. The group decided to keep the Kobold eggs that had not yet hatched and one of the women living in the mines agreed to raise them.
Soon after, the group decided to venture forth to Hammerfell, where they were told they could seek out information on how to mine and smith mithril. It wasn’t too long after that Dimplefoot revealed that his queen needed a Fire and Water elemental, as having all four of the elemental types could produce some sort of power, and she claims she gained the knowledge from Raspian. Kachi, as the elementals are her sworn enemy, knew where to find fire elementals. She claimed that anywhere there should be immense heat, such as a volcano or forest fire, fire elementals are sure to have grown into existence. It didn’t take long for Lokist and his ring to hear the news, and the ring urged Lokist to start the forest fire, and in such, create a fire elemental. Lokist crept through the city and left Hammerfell, just outside and into the eastern plains. Lokist cast numerous fire spells into the dry grass and they were easily caught up in his magical fire. The ring glistened with joy.
Soon, the group joined Lokist and after a fire elemental was created, they fought it and brought it down into submission. Lokist grabbed the elemental with his ungloved hands, feeling no burn from the heat, and the efreet within the ring forced the elemental inside with it.
Having a secure hold on the fire elemental, Belgar and Jandar both wanted to visit the orcish encampments to the east as they heard rumor that they held exotic pets. Dimplefoot discovered an odd creature that he had purchased was a cockatrice, and Belgar and Jandar were looking to purchase dire wolves.
The orcs agreed to let Jandar purchase a dire wolf, but only if he was able to subdue the mother in hand to hand combat. Jandar took the challenge and easily subdued the wolf, and picked a puppy from her litter. As orcs are not fond of dwarves, they only agreed to allow Belgar to accept the challenge if he fought the dire wolf in chains. Even with the impressive handicap, the ferocious dwarf was able to overcome his foe and took a dire wolf of his own.
The group then decided to head north to a lake, where Kachi insists there may be water elementals.



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