Wolves, But More Dire
Adventure 9

The group decided it was best to kill off the kobold army that was following them. They hadn’t made much progress in the mine, and ignored specific orders given to them by Lokist so the group tricked them into killing each other in an arena format, and then Dimplefoot killed the remaining at the end with a trap he had made when building the arena. The group decided to keep the Kobold eggs that had not yet hatched and one of the women living in the mines agreed to raise them.
Soon after, the group decided to venture forth to Hammerfell, where they were told they could seek out information on how to mine and smith mithril. It wasn’t too long after that Dimplefoot revealed that his queen needed a Fire and Water elemental, as having all four of the elemental types could produce some sort of power, and she claims she gained the knowledge from Raspian. Kachi, as the elementals are her sworn enemy, knew where to find fire elementals. She claimed that anywhere there should be immense heat, such as a volcano or forest fire, fire elementals are sure to have grown into existence. It didn’t take long for Lokist and his ring to hear the news, and the ring urged Lokist to start the forest fire, and in such, create a fire elemental. Lokist crept through the city and left Hammerfell, just outside and into the eastern plains. Lokist cast numerous fire spells into the dry grass and they were easily caught up in his magical fire. The ring glistened with joy.
Soon, the group joined Lokist and after a fire elemental was created, they fought it and brought it down into submission. Lokist grabbed the elemental with his ungloved hands, feeling no burn from the heat, and the efreet within the ring forced the elemental inside with it.
Having a secure hold on the fire elemental, Belgar and Jandar both wanted to visit the orcish encampments to the east as they heard rumor that they held exotic pets. Dimplefoot discovered an odd creature that he had purchased was a cockatrice, and Belgar and Jandar were looking to purchase dire wolves.
The orcs agreed to let Jandar purchase a dire wolf, but only if he was able to subdue the mother in hand to hand combat. Jandar took the challenge and easily subdued the wolf, and picked a puppy from her litter. As orcs are not fond of dwarves, they only agreed to allow Belgar to accept the challenge if he fought the dire wolf in chains. Even with the impressive handicap, the ferocious dwarf was able to overcome his foe and took a dire wolf of his own.
The group then decided to head north to a lake, where Kachi insists there may be water elementals.

Obviously You Are Not An Elevator
Adventure 8

Darl Dimplefoot agreed to marry the queen of the gnomes in the city in the desert. The queen sent the group into a tunnel to hunt down a group of menacing duergar that had been troubling the gnomes, and to capture an earth elemental to harness it’s energy to power their machines.
The group disposed of the gray dwarves easily and soon made their way to the earth elemental. After rendering the beast harmless by ultimately knocking it unconscious, the group began to take the pile of rocks that now was the elemental from the tunnels back to the queen’s city. Gnomes soon piled through to help with the effort and the queen agreed to send 10 of her workers to the mines. Some of them were miners, others smiths, others tinker, and she agreed to possibly send more at the end of the month.
Lokist found a ring amongst the earth elemental’s lair and felt a strong desire to slip the ring onto his finger, which he did immediately. Nearly instantly, Lokist’s fingers began to turn black.
Jandar found a glass lightning bolt shaped object and felt compelled to hold it close. He prayed to Kord and as he looked to the sky, he saw a star fall from the sky and land on the earth to the south. The group soon made their way towards the fallen star and as they marched, they noticed the Pandoran woman following them again. They talked to the woman and she told them to turn back, for the star fell in her territory and she will be the one to see what it is. The group disagreed and after prying, the Pandoran agreed to allowed passage, but told them and she was going to get there first and they should wait a while before departing so she could make sure it was safe, then ran towards to site. The group sprinted after her, and made better time, being pulled in the right direction by the glass lightning bolt.
Soon the group came to a large hill after finally finding their way out of the desert. They climbed to the top of the grassy mound and saw an enormous abandoned city below them, overrun with wildlife and vegetation. The city was obviously not made by any dwarves, elves, or any humans. It all appeared to be made of white marble but with a quarter of the buildings a black obsidian. They could make out movements from inside the city, but from such a height, they could not make out what they were. They stared over the center of the abandoned city to find a massive crater near the center, with a small object directly in the middle.
The group decided to stealthily enter the city, having a general idea of where the star fell and the lightning bolt was pulling them in the right direction. They soon came to a field of vegetation that Lokist could tell was magical in it’s spores, and in such, was not only flammable, but explosive. Fearing the worst in the pollen of such plants, Lokist looked back to his friends, gave them a wink and asked, “Burning hands?” They reached out to stop the mad sorcerer but it was too late and the field immediately began exploding with massive fountains of fire. The ring on Lokist’s hand began to grow warm, and Lokist could tell it was happy at the fiery endeavor. The group ran through when the fires has ceased and made their way to the crater. The Pandoran woman told the group to turn back for safety, but the group ignored her plea, rushed into the crater, and Jandar saw a mace with the symbol of Kord on it’s hilt. The Pandoran woman claimed that the hammer was too heavy for her to lift, yet Jandar was able to lift it with ease and it seemed to be nearly weightless. Jandar pushed the glass lightning bolt into the head of the mace and lightning came from the sky, striking hard into the weapon as Jandar held it into the sky.
The group then ran and hid, after hearing a loud rumble and seeing the trees and thick vines sway. The Pandoran led them to a black building and hurried them all inside. She told them then that the obsidian buildings could house no light, having gone dark through the wicked ways of her people long ago. Illusions, hallucinations, and terrible feelings of doubt, regret, and self loathing came upon the group as they struggled to make their way through the building, even being pushed as far as attempting suicide.
They eventually made it through, and headed back north to the gnome underground desert city. The gnomes were preparing for the wedding between Dimplefoot and the queen, who then announced that Dimplefoot would be one of many husbands. As they left the gnome city, they made their way east, heading back to the mine when they were attacked by a wyvern, but Lokist cast a repeated fireball into the sky and blast the creature into ashes. The ring warmed again and tested the loyalty and faith of Lokist by asking him to hold a rock and focus on nothing but the heat of flame, and as Lokist did, the rock began to bubble and melt into a magma, which the ring then told Lokist to eat. After considering the possibilities, Lokist did as commanded, and the ring was satisfied. The black had spread up to Lokist’s elbows and there were then obvious deep cracks in the sorcerer’s skin, which seemed to be filled with flowing lava.
Jandar ached at the thought of Lokist killing the wyvern before he was able to get close enough to destroy such a famed beast with the new weapon of his deity. The absence of attacking such a beast weighed heavily on Jandar, and weighed heavily on his weapon.
The rest of the group attempted to pick up the magic mace that the Pandoran could not lift, yet seemed so light to Jandar. All of them failed…

What Could Possibly Go Wrong
Adventure 7

The group exited the ruins and set up camp. They were soon ambushed by a group of large scorpions. After fighting off the menaces and nearly losing a few members, the group thought it would be best to leave the immediate area.
They decided the best course of action would be to visit the underground city they had discovered and seek refuge there. After walking for three days, they came across the tall smoke stacks that seemed to lead straight into the ground with no bottom.
They couldn’t find any way to enter what they could only assume was a city after hearing rumbling and what they assumed to be talking from underneath them. Dimplefoot decided to lower Lokist down the smoke stack and see what possibilities lay below. They tied a rope around his waist and lowered him toward the ground. After making his way past multiple giant gears and recognizing a machine that generated electricity, Lokist soon came to the bottom of the chamber and began to shout for help, to which a group of rock gnomes came running.
Lokist told them about the group waiting outside, and the gnomes took the group the their queen.
Dimplefoot put on his magnificent charm and swooned the hideous woman into euphoria. Soon after, she invited the group to stay in her palace.

Kobolds Everywhere
Adventure 7

After awakening in Arakeen, the group decided to take on the second task bestowed upon them from Dax. He sent them to retrieve a ruby, which they later found out was on a woman’s wedding ring. Dimplefoot took on the task himself and returned to the group with ring in hand.
After leaving Dax, another group of mercenaries entered and started a fight with the group, which were quickly disposed of.
Dax disapproved the group’s actions and told them he will give them an opportunity to redeem themselves, but will be paid handsomely for their efforts. Dax told them to clear out the sewers of kobolds so they could use it as a entry way to smuggle goods in and out of the city.
The group headed to the sewers and tracked down the kobolds to a lair where they all congregated. Lokist revealed his dragon scales and shouted into their lair, “I am your god!” The kobolds’ leader came out and challenged the sorcerer but was ultimately defeated. Lokist commanded the kobolds to gather their eggs and did so as they began to worship him. The group headed towards the sewers exit and began to make their way back to the mind outside of New Haven.

Adventure 6

The group made their way to Arakeen at Fallion‘s request in efforts to grow in strength. Along the road, a caravan was spotted so the group decided to hide on the side of the road to not be seen. The caravan began to make it’s way passed until it was seen that they were escorting humans to be sold as slaves.
The group stepped into action, defeated the guards of the caravan, then stripped the caravan’s leader down and sent him along the road alone, then gave 500 gold to the slaves, and released them, then offered them a possible position of employment at the mine, but told them to just meet the part in a weeks time in New Haven for terms to be discussed.
The group continued into Arakeen and when they arrived, after some rest and spending a good deal of gold, the group met up with a man named Dax, who Fallion said was trust worthy. He told the group that in order to get on his good side, we should complete a few tasks for him. He proposed two possible tasks, one of which was capturing a small-time slave owner in Arakeen and bringing him alive to Dax. He was known for stealing slaves and selling them for his own profit, and Dax needed to end the troublesome slave thief.
The group infiltrated the slave owner’s villa and took him captive after killing his two guards. The group then took the man back to Dax, claimed the villa as their own, and offered the two slaves in the villa jobs to watch over the villa and keep everything in working order.

Adventure 5

Jason told the group that he is beginning to trust them and he realizes that Jessica is in more danger is he is with her, so he has told the group to take her to a safe place. Jandar, being a Cleric of Kord, knows of a temple of Kord close by so they thought that temple would be their safest option.

Once the group had arrived at the temple, battered and bruised, they made a deal with the paladins and clerics at the temple that we would help them put out a nearby fire (which was accidentally started by Lokist in attempts to distract a pack of wolves chasing them) if they would accept Jessica into their temple and keep her safe and give us monthly followups on how she is doing.

The group went back to their tomb and talked to Jason and he told us that he trusts us enough to tell us his real name is Fallion. He has been cursed with a curse of death and life. He continues to die and is reborn as a baby but retains all his memories, skills, and knowledge from his past lives. Each time he dies, he sees a glimpse of Raspian, who is revealed to be the God of Time. Fallion does not know why or how, but he knows he is somehow connected to Raspian. Fallion told them that he knows much about the world, whether it be about the land, kingdoms, kings, practices of the people, or political intrigue because he has lived twelve lives, over 435 years.

He said the spider army is a good idea, and noble in creating defenses, but it is drastically overestimated in how effective nine spiders will be. Possessing a mithril mine is a great secret, and is word is spread, the tomb will be attacked for control.

The man who attacked New Haven in search of the boy was revealed to be named Balthazar, and Fallion says Balthazar has hunted him over all of his lives, and he has even killed himself in efforts to escape being captured. He also said that seeking the knowledge of smithing and mining mithril is a noble effort, but we drastically underestimate the cost of such a treasured secret. He estimates the cost will be over 50,000 gold pieces.

The group decided to go to New Haven and see the damage of the wyvern attack, and in such, saw a few people who had lost their families, their homes, and their livelihood, so they were offered employment as laborers, miners, and cooks. Seven accepted, four males, and three females. They will work for two gold pieces per year for each person.

Fallion told the group to go to Arakeen to look for work. He said the biggest weakness is the group’s literal weakness. They are not powerful enough to take on Kairn Morde or Balthazar.

Arakeen is revealed to be very slave oriented. They maintain a multitude of bounties to be obtained, along with dungeons and ruins to explore, and treasures to be gained.

Lokist left feeding the spiders in the hands of Scum, who took the position proudly, yet ultimately failed in knowing what sheep were, and brought the spiders two rats and a dead dog. Lokist taught Scum how to hunt and what to hunt and it is believed he will do much better in the future in keeping the spiders, and possibly workers, fed.

Fallion told the group of a man named Mordumu who Lokist knows has a library somewhere in the world that contains every book every written and every book to ever be written in the future. Fallion knows of a book that has secrets of all the dragons and their masters. He recognized the name Kairn Morde as the leader of the red dragons from that book.

Night Raid
Adventure 4

Kachi was awoken by a shriek in the dead of night. She quickly ran to the other adventurer’s and pounded on their doors until they woke up and met her in the lobby of the inn. They discovered that New Haven was being attacked by an Orc night raid. Orcs were swarming their ways into houses and slaughtering the townspeople, meeting little to no resistance. The group thought it would be best to make their way to the Rexar house to save the small boy and at least make sure he lives through the night.

As they ran through the streets, they came upon a group of three orcs carrying a small boy. The party killed the orcs and rescued the boy, and when they saw it wasn’t the boy with the falcon tattoo, they let him go and put him into the custody of another band of adventurers, who then took responsibility over the child.

The party arrived at the Rexar house and saw that it was under attack by another group of orcs. After destroying the orcs, a man came out from the shadows, clapping his hands, and mocking the party. Belgar realized that the man was wearing jewelry that was forged within the Nine Hells. Somehow, his earrings were magically enchanted to give him hypersonic hearing, and he also had some sort of a magical shield around him.

Lokist, growing tired of the man’s rambling, attempted to intimidate him, illuminating himself with illusionary fire and launching balls of flame into the sky. The man chuckled and replied, “How amusing.” Again, Lokist used a magical scroll to cause a 50 mile area all around them to get over run with falling hail. The clouds swarmed overhead as Darl Dimplefoot used the distraction to sneak into the house. Inside, he found Cecile Rexar, the small boy, and a small girl. He took them all outside and sneaked away through a back alley after making eye contact with the party still distracting the man.

After seeing Dimplefoot in the distance, the party decided to leave the man and live for another day, as he seemed very powerful. As they were ready to depart, Kachi made a remark mocking the man, and he then grew angry. He pulled out a coin and said, “Let’s let fate decide whether you live or die.” He flipped the coin, looked at the result, and began to laugh a deep menacing cackle.

As the coin was in the air, Lokist used a magical scroll to give his party the ability to fly at great speeds. Lokist and Belgar took flight back to the tomb and Kachi followed Dimplefoot. The man began to shift and morph into a wyvern, then flew above the town and searched for any he could find.

Dimplefoot barricaded himself, the children, and Kachi in a small house. There was a family that took them in and they waited until the sun rose as the wyvern left.

At the tomb, Lokist untied the goblin they had found prior and gave him food, and scared the beast into serving him. He showed the beast that he now had some sense of control over the spiders and would feed him to them if he was double crossed. The goblin was hesitant but warmed up to Lokist and follows him around, with a leash around his neck. Lokist then met with his spiders, and began to pet the spider that has been the easiest to please. He brought the spider into the living quarters where the rest of the party (Dimplefoot, Belgar, Kachi, and the children) were talking to the two humans that had woken up. Lokist, seeing that the goblin was uneasy with the spider walking about freely, allowed him to sit perched on his shoulder.

Belgar spat, “Goblin scum!” Thus, the goblin was named Scum.

The two humans were on a caravan and were attacked by the spiders. They had been preserved for six months from the spiders’ poison. One human left, desperate to find his family. The other stayed in the tomb with the party. Their plan is to hire him as their manager in keeping track of expenses and income for when the mine begins to yield proper mithril and crafted goods. He has experience in owning his own caravan and working as a merchant.

Vision Unraveling
Adventure 3

The group of adventurers suddenly realized there was another amongst their ranks! A wily gnome barbarian by the name of Darl Dimplefoot had accompanied the group, but was apparently overlooked… Because… He’s short…

Lokist has created a bond with the spiders. He cast his own webs in effort to appeal to the spiders and then after giving them game that he had hunted, he found he was able to not only touch, but pet the spiders and receive a somewhat of a purr in response. The rest of the group was still hesitant in dealing with what is normally a menace, but Lokist is adamant on training the spiders, one to act as a pet and mount for himself, while the rest guard the tomb that they had taken over as a living quarters.

While Lokist was hunting for game to feed the spiders, the rest of the group worked on revitalizing the ancient dwarf who was found still living in the den. They discovered the dwarf was a cousin to the Rexar clan, and he had been stuck in his comatose state for 200 years. His name was Dwelmar Rexar. The group brought the dwarf to the Rexar house in New Haven. There, he was reconnected with his grandson, Cecile Rexar, who appeared to be just as old as Dwelmar. The old and seemingly senile dwarves talked of what had happened during the spiders’ attack on the tomb and what had transpired over the 200 years missed.

While the dwarves conversed, Kachi stealthily tread through the house to find whatever she could. She found a large book that appeared to hold secrets of the Rexar tomb, a way to open the coffin, and also found a small boy with a falcon tattoo on his hand. The group decided to leave the boy for now and go back to the tomb to open the coffin.

They decided to rest at the inn before heading back to the tomb. They spotted the bandaged man who they believed to be a Draconian in the tavern before, and Lokist approached him to attempt to learn more about who he was. He grew angry and attempted to leave, but Lokist conjured an illusionary fire all over his body to create a scene as if the Draconian had lit him on fire. The group tackled and subdued the Draconian, all believing the Half-Elf’s play. Jandar knocked the Draconian unconscious, and the innkeeper insisted on getting the Draconian into the cellar, and told them that he does not want any dead bodies in his inn.

When their attempts of intimidating the Draconian didn’t seem to lead anywhere, Lokist magically charmed the reptile and learned many secrets. They learned the Draconian’s master’s name is Kairn Morde and the staff from the vision is his weapon, but the Draconians are currently searching for it. After learning everything they could, they knocked the reptile out again, took him outside of town, and killed him by tying him to a tree and landing a few arrows into his chest. His body then exploded out with acid as he died.

The group returned to the tomb, opened the coffin with what they learned from the dwarves, and revealed a massive mine shaft through the stone coffin. They descended down and found a massive chamber with one wall covered in mithril ore veins.

Adventure 2

The group of four had awoken from the inn and searched around town to find what they could discover about the spider den they had been told about by the local militia. They learned the name of the owner’s of the property where the spider den had been located, and went to talk to them immediately.
The owners of the property were not available, but the adventurer’s talked to one of their slaves. They were told of the location of the spider den and headed that direction.
The spiders gave little resistance, but were found to have goblin masters. The goblin leader and spider queen were destroyed and all the remaining spiders now refer to the party members as “owners.”
Four survivors were found unconscious: an old dwarf, a goblin, and two humans.
The tomb had emblems all over in decoration, the same falcon that was on the small boy’s hand in the previous vision.

A Journey Through Time
Adventure 1

The Draconian uprising has taxed the entire world, from what we can see. These humanoid reptilian abominations have been nothing if not unbearable in their destruction. Not much is known about them, just that they appear to have differing ranks in some sort of hierarchy. Many were taken as slaves, forced to build a crude temple within one of their camps. Forced by way of whips across their backs.
It didn’t take long for the races to build enough of a force to unite and attempt to overtake one of these poorly constructed camps. A rare sight, seeing Dwarf and Orc, Elf and Man, side by side in combat against a common enemy, releasing all the slaves they could along the way. A Human, an Elf, and a Half-Elf were amongst those who were rescued, who quickly banded together to take up arms alongside the insurgence. Dragons flew all around, appearing to have riders, some in combat with other dragons of different colors. It appeared as though the dragons united against a common enemy as well, one sect of dragon specifically. United against the red dragons were gold, black, and several others that seemed to be fighting in unison.
The three newly freed slaves pressed on their attack, hacking down any Draconian they could as they pressed forward, unsure of whether to follow those who freed them or just try to escape. After a short period of time, Lokist, the Half-Elf sorcerer, saw a man seem to twist and crack as he morphed himself into a dragon. This, though, was not majestic in any sense. He appeared to have boils, tumors, and horns growing on and through his body. The shape-shifter took to the skies and began to ravage the dragons fighting against the red, tearing them to pieces with ease. Terror overtook Lokist as he could only stare at the horrific scene.
The dragon then aimed his flight at the massive tree, miles and miles high, the branches of which seemed to cast shadows as if each was its own eclipse. As the dragon connected, the tree rumbled and shook, then began to tilt, and soon toppled over. Massive clouds of dust and debris filled the air. All the fighting around the slaves seemed to cease, until they were approached by a man. He was mostly hidden, but one feature that was vastly prevalent was the man’s dark eyes, which, after closer inspection, the blacks of his eyes were revealed to take the shape of an hourglass.
“I mean you no harm. This was never supposed to be,” the man said. “I am a weaver of time. I offer you an extension of this life, as it was intended, before the strands of time itself became… tangled.”
The adventurers then had a vision. A crowned man with a mischievous grin, a seemingly useless staff with a milky white and blue orb sitting atop, and a small boy who appeared to be dirty with messy hair.
The adventurers were then sent back, seemingly a year prior, before the Draconian uprising. They could all remember this night. A massive bar fight had broken out, yet this time, they had a distinct feeling that such a brawl was never intended to happen, and that may have been the first strand of time to be distorted.
They scanned through the tavern in attempts to see anyone suspicious, and then Kachi, the Elven ranger, saw a man standing in the corner. He wore a hood, and his face and hands appeared to be badly injured, as they were completely covered in bandages. Soon, Jandar, the Human cleric was talking to the bandaged man, trying to learn any information they could. Lokist attempted to ease the man over by performing parlor tricks, and as he seemed to lighten up, his hood softly slipped back to reveal his reptilian eyes. It was then clear to the three that he was a Draconian, and became vital to learn everything they could. All efforts appeared to be in vain.
They chased the man out into the street, the only seemingly important information given was the Draconian saying, “This was not supposed to happen!” It was then apparent that this Draconian has played a role and may possibly have come back from the future as well.
The adventurers went back into the inn and talked to the locals. There were two groups of men: another band of adventurers and the local militia. Memories soon began to intertwine themselves with reality as we recalled those who were involved in the brawl. Jandar began to talk friendly with the militia, asking about any troubles they may have had recently. The militia told Jandar of groups of Orc raiders that had been outside the city and they feared they may attempt to overrun the city.
Lokist talked to the adventurers, winning them over with his parlor tricks and telling them deceitful stories of his family’s monetary success. They told him of an artifact they had just recovered, but did not know what it was or what significance it held, only that it was a shield of importance to someone. They then told Lokist of a hold that appeared to be taken over by spiders in the farmland outside of town. The spiders had been killing some of the farmers sheep and they were afraid they may try to come into town.
The three thought it would be best to take a room for the night and sleep, and decide where to go in the morning.


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