I’ll post small little snips of story information at the top of this page. If you want a more detailed version, check out the latest post in the Adventure Log!

Update 6/20

Belgar and Jandar both acquired dire wolf puppies. Dimplefoot acquired a cockatrice. Lokist enslaved a fire elemental within his ring. Kachi… well… She was there too…

Update 5/18

After finding a few artifacts after capturing an elemental and finding a fallen star, you are on your way back to the mine and then making your way to Hammerfell to seek knowledge of how to mine and smith mithril efficiently.

Update 4/25

You have discovered an underground city ruled by rock gnomes and have befriended their queen.

Update 4/11

Dax gave you a few tasks and they were all completed flawlessly. You now have a kobold army following you!

Update 4/4

You freed a group of slaves and arrived in Arakeen!

Update 3/23

Jason’s true name is Fallion and he is being hunted by a man named Balthazar who can shapeshift into a wyvern. Fallion recommends heading to Arakeen in search of work to gain strength in effort to defeat Kairn Morde and Balthazar.

Update 3/7

The small boy is now in the tomb, freed from slavery. An orc raid attacked New Haven and were attempting to kidnap children.

Update 2/21

You have found a mithril mine underneath the Rexar tomb!

Update 2/8

You have been sent back in time. The Draconian uprising appears to not yet been started. A man with hourglass eyes sent you back in time and gave you a vision of a crowned man who was smiling mischievously, a staff with a milky white and blue orb on top of it, and a small, dirty boy, all of which you do not recognize. You have been told of Orc encampments outside of town and a spider den in the outskirts’ farmland.


What we know of the world so far…

This is the same world as our last game, but a separate continent, hence no longer being called Vargos.

Dragons have recently resurfaced. Sightings have been reported of people riding them as mounts. Evil and good dragons alike.

There is a race of dragon-like Humanoids called Draconians.

The powers of resurrection in this world are extremely rare and extremely difficult. Typically, when someone dies, they stay dead, but untold powers of resurrection have been occurring, where people thought dead, are suddenly alive again.

Major Capital city of the Elves has recently been ransacked and pillaged, so Elves are bitter and untrusting of other races.

Now… This is where you come in. You are currently being held prisoner by an army of Draconians. At some point you were captured and they just brought you back to a camp full of them. What you need to figure out is who you are. Give yourself a little bit of background. One thing to keep in mind is that you are starting at level 1, so you are not a hero that has killing hundreds in battle. You are just on the level of an extraordinary citizen… for now.

Have you met in the past? Are you friends? Were you traveling together? Maybe one of you was lured into getting captured unknowingly by the other? Maybe you were attempting to join the Draconians and they turned against you? Come up with something you like. This is your character. Play it the way you want to!

Something to keep in mind. The elves capital city was nearly destroyed very recently. They do not trust other races easily. If you make an elf, this should come into effect.


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